Tunze Aquawind

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Tunze Aquawind

Tunze Aquawind
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TUNZE« Aquawind is an especially low-noise aquarium ventilator provided with a 5 V low-voltage power supply unit. Moreover, it comes with an attachment means, which can be used for every aquarium edge up to 25 mm (.98 in.). It produces a laminar air movement over the surface of the water, accelerating the evaporation process and thus achieving a cooling of the water. In standard aquariums, the cooling may amount to 1¦ to 2¦ Celsius (1.8¦ to 3.6¦ F) on 500 litres (132 USgal.).
Adjustable to two performances, with power supply unit and universal holder.
Dimensions: L 270 x W 100 x H 30 mm (L 10.6 x W 3.9 x H 1.13 in.).

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