GOLD - SUPER Dart/Snapper Hybrid

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GOLD - SUPER Dart/Snapper Hybrid
Price: $388.99

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More info coming soon: flow chart will be similar to the regular Dart/Snapper Hybrid with a longer warranty and upgraded motor.

What kind of heart do you want to put in your system?

Certain customers have put together complex systems that demand the highest level of efficiency, quiet operation and durability. For these customers we have created the ReeFlo GOLD pump line. The difference is in the motors that run at higher efficiencies resulting in cooler, quieter operation in addition to lower power consumption and longer life. To emphasize this point we offer a five year replacement guarantee.

• Cooler due to the built-in heat sink fins.
• Quieter due to heavy duty core support.
• More durable due to more copper in the windings.
• 100% made in the USA (Arkansas)


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