SP 4-Stage Permeate RO Drinking Package 60gpd

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SP 4-Stage Permeate RO Drinking Package 60gpd

SP 4-Stage Permeate RO Drinking Package 60gpd
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Drinking Water Systems
Four-Stage DWS-PP™ with Permeate Pump

All the Benefits of SpectraPure® Deluxe Drinking Water Systems
Plus the following exclusive Features:

•Conserves water; reduces waste water by up to 80%, verses conventional units
•Fills faster; up to two times faster than conventional RO Systems
•Doubles pre-filter life over conventional RO Systems
•Higher purity; no tank back pressure means higher differential pressures at membrane
•Greater tank capacity; higher tank pressure means more water in your tank
•Longer membrane life
•Works better in low line pressure environments
•Lead free, long reach air-gap faucet
•Filter wrench included

SpectraPure's DWS-PP™ Deluxe Drinking Water Systems operate entirely on city water pressure - no electricity required; cost effective water purification producing great tasting pure water for the home and office. Our deluxe system offers you superior four-stage filtration which combines two pre-filters (0.5 micron MicroTec™ sediment & 0.5 micron carbon block) with a SpectraSelect™ membrane and a granulated post carbon filter.

The water first passes through the pre-filters, where sediment, chlorine, pesticides and many other organic chemicals are removed. Water then flows into the RO module, where dissolved solids (hardness, sodium, heavy metals), bacteria and viruses are removed. The filtered water then is collected in a pressurized storage tank. After the tank is full, the automatic shut-off valve turns the system off. When water is withdrawn from the unit, it passes through the final carbon polishing filter, assuring fresh, great tasting drinking water every time.

The pressurized storage tanks are available in 4 and 10 gallon sizes. The system also includes code-approved long reach faucet, an auto-shut off valve & a filter wrench for easy cartridge replacement.

In addition to all the features included in our SpectraPure® Deluxe Drinking Water Systems, our DWS-PP™ Systems incorporate an advanced, water conserving permeate pump to reduce waste water by up to 80% compared to conventional RO drinking water systems. The permeate pump operates with no electricity by using existing waste water pressure. Additional advantages include longer membrane life, greatly improved water quality, tank refills in half the time, greater holding capacity, and extended low line pressure operation.

As mentioned, DWS-PP™ Systems also feature SpectraSelect™ membranes (guaranteed to achieve >98% rejection), a 0.5 µm MicroTec™ sediment filter, and a 0.5 µm carbon block filter (for greatly enhanced membrane life). Deluxe DWS-PP™ Systems are available from 25 GPD (95 LPD) to 90 GPD (340 LPD).

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