SP 4-Stage Deluxe RO Drinking Package 60gpd

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SP 4-Stage Deluxe RO Drinking Package 60gpd

SP 4-Stage Deluxe RO Drinking Package 60gpd
Code: SP-DWS-60
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Drinking Water Systems
Four-Stage DWS™ Systems Deluxe RO Drinking Water

•Higher capacity 4 gallon tank and carbon post-filter
•SpectraSelect™ membrane
◦Guaranteed highest flow and greater than 98% rejection
•The best pre-filtration available:
◦Ultra-high efficiency 1/2 micron MicroTec™ Sediment Pre-Filter
◦1/2 micron Carbon Block Pre-Filter
•Long reach, lead free air-gap faucet
•Pressure gauge for easy system monitoring
•Filter wrench included•Dimensions: 14" x 7" x 16; Tank: 11" x 11" x17"

SpectraPure® DWS Deluxe Drinking Water Systems feature SpectraSelect™ tested membranes, 1/2 micron filtration, plus bacteria, VOC (volatile organic chemicals), and chlorine removal. These water purification systems produce great tasting pure water for the home and office. The drinking water portion of the system includes a code approved lead free, long reach air-gap faucet, and a 60 cubic inch granulated carbon post-filter. DWS Deluxe Drinking Water Systems are available from 25 gpd (95 LPD), to 90 gpd (340 LPD). The standard pressure gauge means no more guessing about plugged pre-filters.

All systems now come standard with our best 0.5 (half) micron sediment and carbon pre filters! While our competitors use inferior 1 micron, or 5 micron filters, we have chosen to put a high quality pre filter on every system we sell for the Aquatic market. These are our longest life, highest capacity pre filters (although we do offer the ZetaZorb ultra high capacity sediment which is a 0.2 micron filter for unusually difficult fine sediment challenged areas).

All of Spectrapure systems also use Spectrapure RO membranes which are treated with a proprietary solution to enhance rejection and production. Competitor systems use membranes that are often as low as 96% rejection, which compromised DI life as every 2% improvement in rejection extends the life of your DI by double.

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