American Marine Selcon

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American Marine Selcon

American Marine Selcon
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The only marine food additive to include Omega 3 HUFA used extensively at commercial fish-farms to raise larger, healthier, more colorful fish.

  • Excellent for reef aquaria
  • Filters may be kept running
  • Will not alter water chemistry
  • Does not contain Yeast, Phosphates or Nitrates
  • For marine use only
  • Use several times each week
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Ingredients: Selco Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acids; Marine lipids 200 mg/g.; Vitamin C stabilized 200mg; Vitamin b12 Cyanocobalamin 240 mcg.

    Soak any type of freezed-dried or frozen food with .5 ml Selcon

    Feed 1.0 ml Selcon to portion of live brine shrimp to greatly enhance thier nutritional quality.

    For invertebrate aquaria, add at the rate of .5 ml Selcon per 50 gallon aquarium.

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