Seachem Reef Calcium 500ml

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Seachem Reef Calcium 500ml

Seachem Reef Calcium 500ml
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Reef Calcium™is a concentrated gluconate calcium supplement designed to promote accelerated growth of all corals in the reef aquarium. It has a pH of 8.2, is neither acidic nor caustic, and is based on a gluconate polymer demonstrated to be safe, effective, and avidly utilized by corals. It also contains a proportionate amount of gluconate strontium. It also has the side benefit of enhancing denitrification. Reef Calcium™may be used alone, but, in densely populated reef aquaria, it should be used with Reef Complete™or Reef Advantage™to supply more calcium than can be provided by Reef Calcium™alone. It is a companion product to Reef Complete™(or Reef Advantage™)and Reef Plus™. It is fully compatible with Reef Builder™, Marine Buffer™,and other Seachem products. Each 100 mL treats up to 5,000 gallons.

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