Reef Complete 500 ML

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Reef Complete 500 ML

Reef Complete 500 ML
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Reef Complete™is a comprehensive inorganic supplement designed to safely restore calcium, strontium, and magnesium concentrations in reef aquaria to those of natural seawater. It is unique in supplying proper ratios of these three important elements in one maximally concentrated additive that is formulated at pH 8.3 and contains 160,000 mg/L calcium as well as proportionate quantities of strontium and magnesium, based on their rates of depletion. Each mL will deliver 160 mg of calcium. This is 560 X more calcium than is available from an equal volume of limewater. It may be used alone or with Reef Calcium™. Reef Complete™and Reef Calcium™work exceptionally well together. Use Reef Complete™to maintain adequate calcium and Reef Calcium™to promote accelerated growth.

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