Instant Ocean - 160 gallon Salt Mix Bucket

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Instant Ocean - 160 gallon Salt Mix Bucket

Instant Ocean - 160 gallon Salt Mix Bucket
Code: SALT-160
Price: $43.99

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NOTE:New size bucket is 160 gal mix. Has a screw top removable lid for easy access.

Instant Ocean synthetic sea salt contains every necessary major, minor, and trace element and has no nitrates and no phosphates. It was developed through sophisticated biological and chemical testing, and every batch is analyzed to assure consistent high quality. Exceptional solubility, uniform particle size, and outstanding package value have made Instant Ocean¿ salt the choice of aquarists for over 30 years. No other product outperforms Instant Ocean salt. Our guarantee of quality is supported by a history of proven usage. Instant Ocean¿ is the world's most popular brand of synthetic sea salt.

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