RKM-MLC Blue Module

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RKM-MLC Blue Module

RKM-MLC Blue Module
Code: RK-30-0018-002
Price: $66.99

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A true 29.53 day lunar cycle simulation which some experts say encourages spawning cycles for many tank inhabitants.

Smooth fade-in and fade-out help prevent quick light changes that startle fish.

The MLC comes with 2 blue LED pods and can be expanded to 6 (2-LED) pods if needed. You can also connect more than one MLC if you have a larger tank and if six pods isn't enough.

The MLC supports both our pure lunar white and nocturnal blue moon light pods

The MLC also has upgradeable firmware so you can take advantage of our developing feature set and new lunar features; and firmware updates are always free!

Pod Ports 6
Bus Ports 2
LED Status Indcator 1



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