RKM-SL1 Module

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RKM-SL1 Module

RKM-SL1 Module
Code: RK-30-0015-001
Price: $66.99

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Multiple Inputs
5 input ports provide a broad range of monitoring options.

1 x pH
We currently sell PinPoint brand pH probes. Although any standard pH probe with a BNC interface should work with the SL1.

1 x ORP
We currently sell PinPoint brand ORP probes. Although any standard ORP probe with a BNC interface should work with the SL1.

1 x Temperature port
Digital Aquatics Temperature Probe

2 x Switch Ports
For use with DA part number 30-0017-000, this gives customers the ability monitor switching devices and take action on that input.

No compromise Design
Small, compact design and convenient mounting tabs make installing the SL1 a breeze.

The SL1 also has upgradeable firmware so you can take advantage of our developing feature set; and firmware updates are always free!

pH Port: 1
ORP Port: 1
Temperature Port: 1
Micro Switch Ports: 2
Bus Ports: 2
LED Status Indicator: 1


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