Reef Fanatic Wave Creator

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Reef Fanatic Wave Creator

Reef Fanatic Wave Creator
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The state of the art aquarium wavemaker that is packed with features. Improves aquarium water circulation. Excellent for saltwater aquariums; especially reef aquariums.

Wave Creator can handle up to 4 pumps (3 powerheads and 1 main pump). There are eight user selectable Day Modes and one Automatic Night Mode for gentle current. The Night Mode comes on automatically when the Wave Creator light sensor detects darkness, and returns to Day Mode when the sensor detects day light. Wave Creator also features Feed Mode, Test Mode, and Cycle Range Adjustment. Pressing Feed Mode button once will shut off all pumps for feeding time. Press it again to manually return Wave Creator to normal operation. Otherwise, Wave Creator will automatically return to normal operation mode after 10 minutes. Test Mode will turn each pump on for 2 seconds and automatically return the Wave Creator to normal operation after 3 test cycles. Cycle Range Adjustment allows the user to select the length of time the powerheads stay on. The duration is from 30 seconds to 30 minutes.

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