Seawater Salinity Calibration Fluid (35ppt, 53.1mS/cm@77F/25C)

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Seawater Salinity Calibration Fluid (35ppt, 53.1mS/cm@77F/25C)
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The standard seawater saline (35ppt/psu, 53.1mS/cm, 77˚F/25˚C) from Sybon Scientific instruments is a standardized saline preparation specifically designed and formulated with salinity, density, conductivity and parameters identical to the acerage seawater composed of more than 70 different macro, minor and trace cations and anions, but without the undesired organic particles and bacterial debris typically found in seawater. With perfect chemical homogeneity and consistency, the saline is ideal for calibrating laboratory or professional instruments and meters in analytical testings that require the most accurate and precise measurement.

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