BIOPTIM 12 pack

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BIOPTIM 12 pack

BIOPTIM 12 pack
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In the waste products of the aquarium, micro-organisms that enable bacterial to digest optimally
are often lacking. They have already been retained or eliminated during a previous biological
transformation in the aquarium.
BIOPTIM Marine provides bacteria with all the missing micro-nutrients: trace elements,
selected amino acids, natural vitamins (Riboflavin) and surface agents from plants to facilitate
absorption of the components by the cells.
BIOPTIM Marine OPTIMALLY dynamises the work of the aerobic, anaerobic and facultative
bacteria present in the aquarium. BIOPTIM Marine enables, by the increase and dynamisation
of these bacteria, a reduction in nitrates, phosphates and carbohydrates, a decrease in silt, mulm
and filamentous algae, and an improvement to the quality of the water.
BIOPTIM Marine reduces the BOD - biological oxygen demand - and therefore contributes to
a raised Redox potential. The Probiotic effect of BIOPTIM Marine also reduces bacterial
infections and mycosis.
BIOPTIM Marine in combination with BIO DIGEST revitalises your aquarium. The result is a
clean tank, healthy fish, vigorous plants, flourishing invertebrates.

1 ampoule for 200 litres
every 15 days.

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