Bio Digest 30 pack

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Bio Digest 30 pack

Bio Digest 30 pack
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BIO DIGEST is a hyper-concentrated bacterial compound that satisfies two functions:
Installing biological filtration and digesting aquarium waste.
Packaging the ampoules under nitrogen allows for very long conservation and makes it
very economic as each ampoule is 100% effective.

Use BIO DIGEST when starting up an aquarium, during nitrate surges, after filter
cleaning, in poor quality water: cloudy water, unpleasant odours, spread of algae.

digests organic waste, cleans the aquarium, reduces nitrates, phosphates,
fights algae and, through a probiotic effect, reduces the risk of unexplained illness

, when used regularly, re-establishes optimal proportions of key bacterial
strains and improves water quality.

The purifying action of BIO DIGEST is enhanced when used in conjunction with BIO
Fresh water and BIOPTIM Marine.

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