PRECISION MARINE Professional Kalk Reactor

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PRECISION MARINE Professional Kalk Reactor
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At Precision Marine there are two ways Calcium can be added to your reef tank, the Calcium Reactor or the Kalkreactor pictured here. You can either gravity feed through the Kalkreactor from a freshwater top-off system to your reservoir, or use a dosing pump.

We chose a reliable water pump in lieu of the magnetic stir bar, which tends to jam, bind and wear the acrylic.

The KR620 also includes a drain valve to lower the water level to enable adding Kalk powder through the threaded opening at the top. This can be accomplished without removing the lid. Master fabricated and computer cut, the KR620 is a very nice piece of equipment.

•Overall Height - 15.5"
•Footprint - 7.75"
•Included Water Pump - Maxijet 400
•Reaction Tube Diameter - 6"
•Water Inlet/Outlet Size/Type - ¼" Speed-fittings w/Polyethylene tubing included
•Method of feeding - Gravity or Pressure
•Integrated Drain Valve
•Capacity - Unlimited capacity. Effectiveness is based on evaporative rate

Precision Marine KR620 Manual

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