Pinpoint Oxygen Monitor w/probe

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Pinpoint Oxygen Monitor w/probe

Pinpoint Oxygen Monitor w/probe
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PINPOINT II Oxygen Monitor"

PINPOINT II Oxygen Monitor" will quickly and accurately display a digital readout for dissolved oxygen in either % oxygen or ppm saturation. The measurement range is 00.0 — 20.0 ppm. The probe is a high performance polarographic type, which uses pre-loaded Teflon membrane caps and electrolyte fluid. This is the #1 preferred oxygen monitor in the aquaculture industry. The PINPOINT II Oxygen Monitor" is an extremely good value, considering its high precision and ruggedness. The PINPOINT II Oxygen Monitor" comes complete with Membrane caps and electrolyte fluid, probe with 5-foot cable and meter. Extra Membrane Cap/Fluid kits are available, and the 4-meter probe extension cord is an optional accessory. The commercial aquaculture market purchases a significant number of these units on a very regular basis.

  • Given proper care, the PINPOINT II Oxygen Monitor" should last a lifetime.
  • Competes with meters in the $700 range.
  • Powered by a standard 9-volt battery (not included).
  • Optional AC Adaptor Kit.
  • Optional 4-meter probe extension cord.
  • Replacement Oxygen Probe

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