AZOX - Coral Macro Diet

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AZOX - Coral Macro Diet
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Finally, broad based planktonic diet scientifically designed for the nutritional needs of both Photosynthetic and Non-Photosynthetic coral, colored gorgonia, larval and planktivorous fish. AZOX macro Coral diet is comprised of various size zooplankton (Copepods, Rotifers, and Shrimp Nauplii) gut loaded with phytoplankton and selected for their size, nutrition and attraction by coral. These small meaty particles are neutrally buoyant, packed with energy and ideal in aquariums with Non-Photosynthtic specimens such as gorgonia and tentacled corals. Finicky larval and planktivorous feeders such as Anthias and mandarins are attracted to the appetite stimulant and feed eagerly.

AZOX is fed by means of an attractive 8oz. pump or by target feeding, using pipettes or equipment such as "Julian's Thing" from Two Little Fishies.

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