Ozotech Poseidon Positive Pressure

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Ozotech Poseidon Positive Pressure

Ozotech Poseidon Positive Pressure
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Poseidon P3O3:
Size (in): H3.5 x W6.0 x D9.0
Ozone output (max): 220mg/hr
Variable output control
Power usage: 800mA @ 12V DC

Corrosion resistant air pump for positive pressure feed included.

The Poseidon Series of Ozone Generators features the patented "cold spark" corona discharge techology, producing ozone more efficiently and with lower power consumption than other methods.

The ozone output of corona discharge cells will not degrade over time, as UV cells do, and after years of reliable service, these units are fully maintainable with our complete line of replacement parts.

Poseidon ozone generators are used for many water purification needs, and they are the choice of aquarium enthusiasts worldwide.

Patented "Cold Spark" corona discharge technology
Rugged aluminum case
Stainless steelcorona discharge manifold
Wall mountable
Corrosion resistant
Factory tested and calibrated
Made in USA
One-year factory warranty

Low maintenance
Simple to operate
Reliable and durable - nearly maintenance-free
Easy to service - all replacement parts available

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