Omega One Frozen Oyster Eggs - 1.75 oz Cubes

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Omega One Frozen Oyster Eggs - 1.75 oz Cubes
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Frozen Oyster Eggs

Great For: Corals, Sea Apples, Urchins, Starfish, Clams, Scallops, Anemones, and many other invertebrates.

Feeding Instructions: Feed ofter but only what can be consumed in three minutes. Remove uneaten food. Do not overfeed. Keep unused fish food in freezer.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Min. Crude Protein..........7%
Min. Crude Fat..............2.5%
Max. Crude Fiber...........0.2%
Min. Moisture................80%

Ingredients: Oyster Eggs. This is an all-natural product. No artificial dyes or preservatives are added.

The Omega One Story begins with the ingredients. Unlike other fish foods on the market, you will see that there is no fish meal in our foods. For our protein source, we use fresh Alaskan seafood such as salmon, herring, shrimp, cod, and halibut. These ingredients, rich in natural fats and proteins, are purchased direct from fishermen and women along this rugged coastal wilderness.

We send this boat out to the fishing grounds to purchase salmon, shrimp, and herring - all loaded with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. We also harvest our own fresh ocean kelp, rich in vitamins and minerals. With superior ingredients like these, it is only possible to be priced competitively with lower quality, fish meal based foods because of our close relationship with Alaskan fishermen, fisherwomen, and processors. It all adds up to a vastly superior product at a very reasonable price.

The Omega One Facility is located on the wild and rugged coastline of Baranof Island in Southeast Alaska. We located our facility here in this remote location because it is the hub of a rich commercial fishing network. We are able to purchase our seafood ingredients directly from commercial fisherman. This is the only way to be competitive with such superior raw materials.

The salmon, herring, shrimp, and other seafood ingredients we use are food grade. The high levels of omega 3 & 6 fatty acids greatly enhance the immune system and make for incredible palatability. The skin on our whole salmon are rich in natural beta carotenes for outstanding color enhancement.

We harvest our own kelp, by hand, along the pristine Alaskan shoreline, far removed from any area of human habitation. Rich in vitamins and minerals, nothing can compare to this level of freshness.

Using fresh, cold water marine proteins and kelp, as ingredients, instead of fishmeal and a whole lot of starch (like everyone else) puts Omega One light
years ahead of any other fish food on the market. It truly is the “Best Fish Food in the World”

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