Turbinaria: YELLOW: 9 x 8 x 5.5 (Turbinaria mesenterina)

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Turbinaria: YELLOW: 9 x 8 x 5.5  (Turbinaria mesenterina)

Turbinaria: YELLOW: 9 x 8 x 5.5 (Turbinaria mesenterina)
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Natures Image is proud to present our line of artificial corals. The corals that are represented here are exact replicas of those that occur on coral reefs around the world. By purchasing this coral replica you are aiding in the conservation and awareness of the coral reef environment worldwide.

Our beautiful renditions can be found in many public aquariums and private collections around the world where dead coral skeletons are no longer used.

Following are a few facts about the care and maintenance of our coral replicas which will add to your enjoyment of their beauty.

Made of special high-grade polyurethane, they are completely safe for the livestock and water quality in both fresh and saltwater aquariums. These coral replicas can be placed in the aquarium immediately, there is no curing time. Of course, a freshwater rinse is always advisable to remove any packing residue or dust. These coral replicas are not painted or dyed; the color of the piece is solid throughout. These coral replicas are UV color stabilized, this allows us to guarantee 95% color retention over years of exposure to both aquarium lights and sun.

The natural build up of algae can be considered by some to enhance the beauty of an aquarium. However, if cleaning is required, a gentle scrubbing with a soft toothbrush works well. If you prefer, you may soak the piece in a 50% - 50% bleach and water solution.

Caution: When using bleach on any aquarium ornament or decoration allow it to dry and set at least 24 hours in the sun in order for the chlorine to dissipate.

Questions & Answers

Q.) Can your products hurt my system or my fish and corals?
A.) No. They are made of completely safe high-grade polyurethane, which will have no negative effect on either fresh water or salt-water aquariums.

Q.) Can I use them immediately or is there a curing time?
A.) There is absolutely no curing time and can be placed in the aquarium immediately upon arrival. This is not the case with some other manufacturers so it is always best to check first. Of course, a fresh water rinse is always advisable to remove any packing residue or dust.

Q.) Are the colors "painted" on the surface?
A.) No. For most of the corals, the color will be solid throughout the coral. If for some reason a piece breaks off you will hardly notice because the broken part will be the same color as the rest of the piece.

Q.) Will your colors fade after time?
A.) There will be some minimal color loss over time under strong light. We have found that this loss of color does not exceed 5% over all time and is hardly noticed as you get used to viewing the corals day to day. For this reason we purposely over-color some of the molds to compensate for any loss of color.

Q.) How do I clean your products?
A.) Cleaning is easy. If you are able to take the corals out for maintenance then the standard methods of bleaching (partial solution) or scrubbing are effective. If the corals need to stay in the tank then a water spray or tooth brush works just as well.

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