Apex Wireless Expansion Module/Vortech Compatible

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Apex Wireless Expansion Module/Vortech Compatible

Apex Wireless Expansion Module/Vortech Compatible
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The Wireless Expansion module (shown above) allows for truely flexible control of Ecotech Marines Vortech and EcoSmart wireless pumps. The WXM features are:

- Wirelessly controls any of Ecotech's wireless pumps (WWD or EcoSmart).
- 11 Independent channels to support 11 pumps.
- Supports Ecotech's Constant, Reef Crest, Lagoon Random, Nutrient Transport Mode-, Tidal Swell Mode-, Pulse, Sync and Anti-Sync modes.
- Modes of operation can be changed through the day.
- Plug and Play. Automatically recognized when installed into the system.
- Pumps can be dynamically added/removed from the system.
- Two AquaBus connectors for flexible expansion via AquaBus.
- Comes with 3' AquaBus cable.
- Fully upgradeable.
WXM firmware and pump firmware can be updated for feature enhancement.
- Led Status indicator and wireless status indicator.
- Compatible with Apex and Apex Lite systems.

- Only supported on Ecosmart pumps.

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