AquaController Apex Jr, Display & Temperature probe

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AquaController Apex Jr, Display & Temperature probe
Price: $239.95

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•Apex Jr module and temperature probe
•Built-in Ethernet port — Has all the same monitoring, control and configuration features of the Apex and Apex Lite
•iPhone application
•Email or text message alarms
•Resettable circuit breaker for over current protection
•True data logging on all monitor probes and outlets
•Four independently controllable 120V outlets — 8 Amps each and total current must be less than 15 Amps
•All AquaBus accessories work with the Apex Jr
•Plug and Play AquaBus expansion
•Two-port AquaBus hub for expansion – Expandable up to five AquaBus accessories
•Simple firmware updates over Ethernet
•Four Mounting Holes for easy installation
•Compact custom aluminum enclosure (7.5 x 3.75 x 1.8 in.)

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