PE MYSIS + CYCLOP-EEZE Twin Pack 4 oz cubes

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PE MYSIS + CYCLOP-EEZE Twin Pack 4 oz cubes
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The two best aquatics feeds in the world just got better!

Piscine Energetics harvest PE Mysis from pristine lakes which are fed by mountain glaciers. PE MYSIS are extremely rich in Omega 3 & 6 HUFA, amino acids, powerful antioxiadants, and are naturally gut loaded with phytoplankton. PE Mysis are an excellent food source for all freshwater and saltwater fish inducing an energetic feed response in even the most finicky aquarium specimens.

Directions: PE MYSIS (mysis relicta) can be fed to your fish in frozen cubes or poured into your aquarium after thawing. If clouding is a concern, rinse PE Mysis under cold running water or thaw in water and pour off water prior to feeding. Please remember not to over-feed. Only feed as much shrimp as your fish will eat in 2 or 3 minutes.

Ingredients: PE Mysis (mysis relicta 100%
Proximate Analysis:
Min Crude Protein-69.5%
Min Crude Fat-8.32%
Max Crude Fiber-2.75%
Max Ash-5.5%

Cyclop-Eeze are a selectively bred biologically engineered micro-crustacean, cultured from a shallow, pristine, artic salt lake in Canada. Cyclop-Eeze are instantly characterized by their intense blood-orange coloration and contain extremely high concentrations of the critical biological pigment Astaxanthene. Cyclop-Eeze are a highly nutritious and desirable food for both freshwater and saltwater fish and an excellent food to feed to coral and other filter feeding reef inhabintants.

Directions: Cyclop-Eeze frozen cubes cna be thawed first in cold water of placed directly into your aquarium.

Ingredients: Cyclop-Eeze (Copepod Sp.)
Proximate Analysis:
Protein min. 60%
Fat (lipids) min. 34%
Carbohydrate 8.5%
Ash 3.5%

Biological Pigment & HUFA:
Astaxanthene-3000ppm - 7500pm
"Omega-3" HUFA, EPA min. 13.4%
"Omega-3" HUGA, DHA min. 12.8%

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