Carnivore/Fish Frenzy 8oz Pack

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Carnivore/Fish Frenzy 8oz Pack

Carnivore/Fish Frenzy 8oz Pack
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LRS Frenzy Foods are premium saltwater aquarium food blends created by hobbyists FOR hobbyists using fresh seafood from the Carolinas. These food blends have created quite a BUZZ in the hobby, with hundreds of devoted fans using and recommending their products. By using fresh caught shrimp, perch, scallops, and oysters as the main ingredients, the finished product has a freshness and will illicit a feeding response unlike anything on the market. The blends are supplemented with Mysis shrimp, Krill, Oyster Eggs, Rotifers, fresh phytoplankton as well as supplemented with Fatty Acids and fresh garlic juice.

Here are the benefits of LRS Foods:

Go from Package to Tank without straining 5-6 different cubes
Optimal health for your fish due to complete nutrition from multiple marine food ingredients
Finicky fish often begin eating and acclimate faster, due to the wide array of flavors and ingredients
Daily nutrition for filter feeders, inverts and all inhabitants in your reef tank
Supplemented with fresh garlic juice, fatty acids and Vitamin C to ward off oxidation
100% crafted by hobbyists using NSF stainless steel processing equipment
100% lab tested and certified as an approved pet food product. All lab results posted on

LRS offers three standard food blends:

FISH FRENZY: A great daily food for omnivores, clown fish, gobies, blennies, damsels, tangs, hawkfish, chromis, etc

HERBIVORE FRENZY: This has all the same ingredients of the "Fish Frenzy" but 35% of the package contains green/purple nori, blanched broccoli flowers, blanched carrot slivers. This is an amazing food for your Tangs, Rabbit Fish, and any marine fish that requires daily supplementation of sheet algae

REEF FRENZY: This product is the LRS flagship blend, which contains everything above, but smaller amounts of veggies, of course. It is BOOSTED with additional foods for your corals such as Oyster Eggs, Fresh Phytoplankton, Zooplankton, Rotifers. This blend has particle sizes appropriate for most of the fish sold for the home aquarium. You can read reviews at to see why some of the biggest names in the hobby are calling this "the best reef food ever created.

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