Frostbite Clownfish

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Frostbite Clownfish
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Sustainable Aquatics is proud to announce a never-before-seen variety of the A. ocellaris clownfish, the Frostbite! This fish is an astonishing product of the crossing of two different mutations, the “white” designer and the “snow” designer. Combining these produced a dramatic and unexpected result! With a mostly white body, the Frostbite is similar in appearance to the Wyoming White, but has a series of spots on its body. There are two versions of the Frostbite: “Chilled”, with less spots, and “Frozen”, with more spots. These clownfish have an impressive appearance and will add the “wow” factor to any aquarium for both you and your customers.

As the fish matures, these spots generally turn black. The Frostbite clown also has a characteristic black outline on the preoperculum and opercular gill covering and a serrated-looking transition from the white body to the black and orange coloration on the fins.

Frostbites do well in both reef and fish-only systems. As with most clownfish, they can become territorial in smaller tanks if other fish are present. SA recommends systems of 20 gallons or more. Like all varieties of the common clownfish, the Frostbite can grow to about 3 inches in length and feeds on most prepared foods including frozen and pellet diets. SA recommends using our Dry Hatchery Diet pellet to ensure a smooth transition from our hatchery to your home aquarium.

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