Kent SeaSquirt 21-35 inch

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Kent SeaSquirt 21-35 inch

Kent SeaSquirt 21-35 inch
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Extendable fish and invertebrate feeding instrument for fresh & saltwater aquariums.

Aquarium hobbyists maintaining predatory species that require delicate handling (such as venomous fishes or those with numerous sharp teeth and/or poor eye-sight, or anemones with a powerful sting) now have a dual-purpose instrument for feeding there charges and delivery nutritional supplements directly to filter-feeding organisms: the new Kent Marine Sea Squirt. Featuring a length of 21'in. (extendable to 35'in. for deep aquariums or hard-to reach areas), graduations on the tube that indicate the volume of a supplement that has been drain in, and extendable prong at the tip to deliver meaty foods to the afore-mentioned types of aquarium inhabitants, and construction of durable materials that may be completely disassembled for thorough cleaning, the SeaSquirt will earn a well-deserved place inside the cabinets of freshwater and marine aquarium hobbyists alike.

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