48" 4x54w Hamilton Fiji Sun T5 HO System

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48" 4x54w Hamilton Fiji Sun T5 HO System
Code: H-AFS44T5
Price: $359.95

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4 Ft Fiji Sun T5 High Output Deluxe systems (Includes 16 actinic blue LED lights)

Includes individual T5 HO bulb reflectors, 16 Blue LED lights, cooling fan, independent lighting controls, multiple cooling louvers, enclosed electronic T5 HO ballasts, 54 watt T5 HO Real Actinic 420NM 03 blue bulbs, 54 watt T5 HO 10000K Ice White bulbs, splash guard lens and suspension kit.

Unit has two power cords to control two sets of T5 HO lights and a separate power cord for the LED lights.
Dimensions: 4 bulb unit (L48.25" x W11.5" x H4.5")

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