Giesemann 48 in MOONLIGHT 2 x 250 Watt HQI - 4 x 54 Watt T-5 - black

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Giesemann 48 in MOONLIGHT 2 x 250 Watt HQI - 4 x 54 Watt T-5 - black

Giesemann 48 in MOONLIGHT 2 x 250 Watt HQI - 4 x 54 Watt T-5 - black
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  • Combination of halide lamps and T-5 fluorescent lamps
  • Integrated illuminated LCD
  • Menu-driven control in 4 languages
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Separate programs for fluorescent lamps and
    HQI bulbs
  • Free time settings for moonrise or moonset
  • Step less height adjustment
  • Storage of all data at failure
  • Fault program and indication of software status
  • Integrated grille for heat reduction
  • High performance reflectors made of polished aluminum,
  • Fully reflective reflector surface
  • dimmable T-5 lights
  • Ballasts with digital ignition for HQI lamps
  • Electronic ballasts for T-5 lamps
  • Lamp body made of aluminum and magnesium alloy
  • High gloss finished metallic paint applied in multi-layers
  • Very easy replacement of the tubes and lamps
  • Low energy Moonlight
  • User-selectable moonlight times
  • integrated moonlight lamp with near-natural light intensity
  • Automatic 28-day cycle moon simulation
  • Programmable cloud simulations
  • LCD with status display
  • Display of lamp replacement time
  • Power failure protection and emergency program

    All MOONLIGHT pendants are electro statically multi-layer powder-coated in diamond-black metallic. Each part is individually coated to avoid cut edges that may lead to corrosion.

    The moon not only determines the tides. Science always surprises us with new ideas as to how much impact the moon has on the underwater world.
    Only with an understanding of this interaction can we explain the behavior of our sea dwelling creatures. As manufacturer with a scientific requirement from our customers, we have encapsulated this understanding and created lights that bring the moonlight into your home aquariums.

    The new MOONLIGHT simulates the natural lighting requirements during the day and at night time so now you can even meet your fish in the moonlight. The different phases of the moon are simulated in exact detail using a complex microprocessor.

    We have even considered the simulation of clouds! With only a 5-watt power requirement during the moonlight phase, the new MOONLIGHT is economic to run and the amount of light delivered is exactly in accordance with that of the moon giving animals and plants the possibility to recover and relax or to wake up and hunt or reproduce.

    The new MOONLIGHT comes with a step less height adjustment as well as with a special power cord and a special UV-filter protects you and the inhabitants of your
    aquarium from too much solar radiation. The moon affects not only the ocean tides, science is forever coming up with new findings on just how much it influences life in the water.

    The new MOONLIGHT, our flagship model, simulates natural living conditions day and night, allowing you to observe your fish in the moonlight. Moonrise and moonset, and even the phases of the moon, pose no problem for the complex microprocessor control.

    The new MOONLIGHT combines the intensity and glitter lines of metal halide lighting with the power and color of the multiple T5 tubes.

    The integrated computer allows you, to dim the four T-5 tubes individually. At the desired time the lighting starts up at minimum power and gradually reaches maximum performance according to your stipulated requirements. Then, again at the desired time, the system slowly reduces the output down to the minimum.

    Not only does this offer the inhabitants of your aquarium optimum living conditions, it also cuts your electricity costs. You can also program a cloud simulation during which the lighting is reduced between 10 and 90 % intensity for a few minutes at random.

    The blue illuminated liquid crystal display provides clear indication of all functions and operating conditions. The user-friendly display provides information on all settings in as many as four languages. It even tells you when the various fluorescent and metal halide lamps need to be replaced.

    This new light technology offers a further marked increase in lighting performance.

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