Elos Magnesium Kit

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Elos Magnesium Kit

Elos Magnesium Kit
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:: Mg Magnesium Test for Aquarium

Magnesium is a major salt in natural seawater. Contrary to its significance this element was ignored for a long time. We know today that Magnesium creates a remarkable improvement in the growth of calcareous algae and invertebrates. In Marine Aquarium it is good practice to keep its concentration around 1.300/1.350 mg/lt. otherwise aqueous calcium ions (Ca2+) could bond with carbonates and not be available for corals intake. ELOS AquaTest Mg permits the precise measurement of Mg values thus permitting to perfectly dose our Magnesium additives.

Grading: each drop equals 50 mg/Lt of magnesium

Fresh-water Aquarium
Marine Aquarium

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