Elos System MIDI Aquarium

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Elos System MIDI Aquarium
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AquaTop E-Lite

E-Lite XP

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The new Elos MIDI pulls from the success of the popular Elos System 70 and the Elos MINI with some added features for 2010. As with the Elos MINI, the new MIDI maintains the key features of the larger Elos systems, at a smaller size and price.

At 36 gallons, the MIDI gains some welcomed aquarium space for a larger array of marine layouts, while keeping a compact and manageable size. Along with extra space in the display aquarium, the Elos MIDI shares the same Elos SUMP 400 as the Elos system 70, which allows the MIDI to greatly improve the filtration and the total water volume, a key to a successful marine aquarium. Many "nano" aquariums suffer from poor filtration and a limited water volume due to designs that attempt to combine filtration fitted into the back of the display aquarium. While the idea of an integrated filter sounds good, in practice the limited space, the decreased depth in the display aquarium and the inherent sacrifices made in order to fit all parts of filtration in these smaller aquariums often result in an aquarium that is both unattractive and difficult to maintain. With the Elos MIDI you have a 36-gallon display aquarium with a large Elos SUMP 400 that allows the user to organize all filtration, heaters, pumps, etc. into the cabinet, leaving the MIDI display aquarium as the focal point.

The Elos Aquarium.

New for Elos MIDI POOL is the redesigned Elos overflow that now has 2 adjustable outlets and a removable drain cover, for easy cleaning, in a very compact size. With the 2 adjustable outlets, water movement is much improved and very discrete. As with the MINI POOL, the MIDI POOL comes standard with the "crystal clear" front pane and clear panes on all other sides. All Elos aquariums are handmade in Italy by the finest aquarium builders in the world, using our Elos adhesive, to our build specifications, unique to the industry to provide strength and beauty.

The Elos Aquarium Cabinet.

The Elos SQUARE for the MIDI is also completely new. The new stand comes with a new glossy laminate that is easy to clean, water resistant and offered in a range of standard colors (RAL lacquers are also available as an option, see dealer or RAL section for pricing). Typical with all Elos cabinets, it is designed to fit the Elos SUMP and offer ventilation while still being viewable from all sides. Many aquarium cabinets are modified from standard furniture designs and the Elos SQUARE is designed specifically to properly support the Elos POOL and Elos SUMP, which allow us to offer a system that performs seamlessly. Hidden routing of plumbing/ cords, viewable from all sides, discreet ventilation of the cabinet/sump and proper support for the Elos POOL is built into each MIDI SQUARE included in your Elos MIDI system.

The Elos Filtration.

The Elos SUMP 400 included in the SYSTEM MIDI is the heart of the system that allows the MIDI to "act like a much larger aquarium". While "nano" systems are very popular they are often misunderstood as being beginner systems due to their lower price and smaller footprint. Nothing could be further from the truth. While there are many examples of flourishing "nano" systems, many of these smaller aquariums suffer due to the rigorous maintenance required by most small water volume systems. Prior to developing our smaller systems (the MINI and MIDI), one of our main goals was to offer these systems with a proper sump which not only removed the clutter from the main aquarium but also increased the much needed water volume of the entire system, allowing these small systems to be much easier to maintain in the long term. With the SUMP 400, the Elos MIDI becomes a system that is not only more stable (due to the greatly increased water volume) but a system that is very easy to maintain because all the filtration and top off (OSMOCONTROLER Digital is optional to fully automate regular top off) is conveniently placed in the sump.

The Elos Lighting.
Elos AquaTop

The Elos MIDI is offered with 2 entirely new lighting options. The E-Lite XP will be offered in the MIDI system and the AquaTop 2x E-Stripe (with 2 e-stripes included).

The E-Lite XP is the newest E-Lite using the latest LEDs (CREE XP series) in a combination of 12 white and 6 blue LEDs, putting out a total of 3650 lumens while drawing only 67 watts. With a larger milled aluminum body than the E-Lite, the E-Lite XP is the perfect fit for the larger MIDI POOL. Available in anodized aluminum or anodized black, the E-Lite XP is an ideal selection for the aquarist that prefers the minimal look of the E-Lite XP without sacrificing performance.

The AquaTop E-Stripe 60 is a completely new design for 2010. A concept that has been realized after years of development, the AquaTop is powerful, modular and distinctive. The AquaTop E-Stripe comes with 2- E-Stripes (21w each with 9 CREE XP series LEDs) and can hold a maximum of 4- E-Stripes for a maximum lumen output of 6940 lumens. Each E-Stripe comes in either a 10k or a 20k spectrum and they can be combined to suit your individual needs. The AquaTop has easily removable glass "wings" that provides a unique look that is also functional. Optional hanging kit for the AquaTop is also available. Add extra single E-Strip for more lighting, up to 3 strips per transformer (Extra transformers can be purchased separately for more than 3 strips).

Technical Specifications:

Made in Italy by Elos
Capacity in display aquarium- 36 gallons
Tank size- 22.5"x19.7"x19.1"
Aquarium Build: Newly designed Elos MIDI overflow with built in 2- outlets and drain with removable drain cover. Port for optional Elos Fan Kit.
Elos black adhesive with clear glass and "crystal clear glass" front pane. Elos bottom seam protection.

Cabinet. Elos SQUARE in new gloss water resistant laminate and marine grade core. Available stand color: matte white
Cabinet Size- 22.5"x19.7x34.25"
Available door colors: gloss white, gloss black, silver and gloss wenge.
Filtration size- 19.25" x 16" x 16.75"
Sump includes, New PS200 skimmer, Elos Filter Sock, 3- Elos variable velocity chambers and built in freshwater reservoir (Elos OsmoController Digital is a recommended option to fully utilize the built in reservoir).

Return Pump: Sicce 2.0 568gph
Light included- AquaTop 60(with glass covers, 2-E-stripe(1-10k, 1-20k). Optional additional E-stripes can be added in either 10k or 20k models. Each E-stripe has 9 CREE XP LEDs in either white(10k) or royal blue (20k)
Other items- All plumbing, instructions and warranty card included.
Options- NS500 skimmer upgrade, RAL painted cabinet and doors (various colors and finishes, contact dealer for pricing and lead times), hanging kit for AquaTop, Osmocontroller Digital, NS injector cleaner, additional E-Stripes (The AquaTop can hold a maximum of 4 E-stripes, 2 are included).
Total Consumption- 114 watts

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