MoonVue LED Retro Kit 74 LEDs - 45.2"

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MoonVue LED Retro Kit 74 LEDs - 45.2"
Code: CV-MVLED-74
Price: $75.00

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These new MoonVue Retro Moonlight LED Tubes have the appearance of a standard T5 tube, but they are powered by a low voltage transformer which makes them highly efficient, reliable, and will bring ou tthe stunning colors of any reef scape at night.

Enjoy the twilight hours of your reef in an all new way under these revolutionary LED tubes. Your corals will glow amazing colors under these LED tubes, especially those with ywellows, oranges, and green pigments.

The beautiful blue 470nm LED's circuit boards and compnents are all encased within a duravle protective tube protecting them from the harsh, salty, humid environment that is associated with mounting above saltwater aquariums.

-Mounting hardware included.
-Installs in canopy, existing fixture or commercial hood.
-Low voltage power supply easily plugs directly into the fixture. No wiring required!

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