Package E - 7.5"x11.2" Elbow Rails (2)

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Package E - 7.5"x11.2" Elbow Rails (2)
Code: CV-MAX-E
Price: $39.99

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Package A 9.4″ Tank Mount
Code: CV-MAX-A
Package B Canopy Mount
Code: CV-MAX-B
Package C - Suspension Kit
Code: CV-MAX-C
Package D Right Angle Adapters (2)
Code: CV-MAX-D
Package E - 7.5″x11.2″ Elbow Rails (2)
Code: CV-MAX-E
Package F 7.9″ Extension Rails (2)
Code: CV-MAX-F

Package G 35.4″ XL Extension Rail
Code: CV-MAX-G

The maximum width of the glass/acrylic the stand can fit onto is 20mm (3/4). The stand can be mounted on top of the glass/acrylic panel or sideway on support beams found on larger aquariums.

Pendant Mounting
Single Row Multiple-Row Configuration
Mounting Inside the Canopy
You can mount the rail system directly onto the top of your canopy as illustrated with package B.
Mounting on Stand or Wall
Mounting on Aquarium
Length Possibilities

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