Coralvue 800watt Titanium Heater

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Coralvue 800watt Titanium Heater
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NOTE: Requires Heat Controlling device for operation.

These Heaters are built to last, virtually unbreakable. The fast heating titanium heater provides a stable temperature environment for your aquarium and eliminates temperature swings that can really put stress on the delicate aquariums inhabitants. This titanium heaters is suited for both fresh and salt water aquariums.

Requires Heat Controlling device for operation.
Will work well with most controllers accepting grounded 3 prong heating elements.

Reliable Performance
Fast Heat Conduction
Safe for Fresh and Saltwater
Grounded Power Cord
3 Year Warranty**

Wattage Amperage Water Volume Cord Length Heating Tube
150w 1.25A 30-60 Gal 6FT 250mm
300w 2.50A 40-80 Gal 6FT 290mm
500w 4.18A 70-130 Gal 6FT 320mm
800w 6.67A 140-265 Gal 6FT 350mm

**one year full warranty & two years prorated.

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