Breeding Berghia Nudibranches The Best Kept Secret

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Breeding Berghia Nudibranches The Best Kept Secret
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The secret to successfully breeding the Berghia nudibranch all lies in the breeding system itself. Follow a step-by-step tutorial on building a proven breeding system that is low in daily maintenance so that you can spent your time feeding and shipping your Berghia! The book covers three levels of breeding systems from hobbyist to a light commercial system. This is a must read for any one wanting to breed Berghia nudibranches or is interested in breeding any marine organism!

Simple to build...

The Berghia breeding system outlined in my book is relatively simple to build and 90% of the components can be found at your local fish store, but for some folks (or institutions) it just may not be convenient to build the actual breeding chamber...this is the place to get those components and some of those fittings that you may find a little harder to find! Have a wonderful day and happy breeding!

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