Boston Aqua Frag Plug - Bag of 20

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Boston Aqua Frag Plug - Bag of 20

Boston Aqua Frag Plug - Bag of 20
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Boston Aqua Farms coral Reef PlugsT are specially designed to take advantage of all the best qualities of other plugs and coral frag mounting solutions to date.

Pictured at the right, this plug resembles a small one legged table.

The peg in the bottom is designed to fit nicely into eggcrate, it will also fit nicely into a small crevice or hole in your live rock. (Some drill 1/2" holes throughout their new live rock, to provide future resting places for our frag plugs.)

The top is about 1" in diameter and sports a layer of bright reef sand that helps corals and coralline algae to adhere more quickly, it also looks more natural then aragocrete.

Reef Plugs T are designed to support Acropora, Montipora Digitata and other thin branchy species of coral.

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