Algone Aquarium Water Clarifier and Nitrate Remover, Small

Algone Aquarium Water Clarifier and Nitrate Remover, Small
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Includes 6 pouches for up to 330 gallons. 1 pouch treats 55 gallon tank
  • Inhibits Algae Growth
  • Removes Nitrates and Nitrites
  • Removes Ammonia
  • Clears Cloudy and Green Water
  • Produces Crystal Clear Water
  • Balances the Water Column

    Freshwater Tanks
    Saltwater Tanks
    Reef Aquariums
    Brackish Water
    Planted Tanks


    Algone enhances the aquariums ability to break down waste more effectively.

    Safe for fish, plants, live rock, coral, snails, algae eaters, invertebrates, polyps, etc.

    Algone stimulates micro-bacterial activity by optimizing the dissolved oxygen content in the aquarium.

    Fits Every Filter System

    Placement in any filter system is no problem. Other important things (like activated charcoal) do not need to be removed from your filter.

    Trouble-Free Bi-Monthly Treatment

    Use in convenient once-a-month treatment cycles. Each pouch effectively treats 1 - 55 gallons of water. No tedious dosing is required. Use 1 pouch for every 55 gallons twice a month and you're on the way to the healthiest aquatic environment you have ever had.

    Safety - 100% FREE Of Chemicals

    Unlike most other products, Algone contains no chemicals. Algone will not compromise water specific parameters and has no adverse effect on any other life forms, including plants. Algone eliminates excessive nutrients from the water leaving existing algae spores with nothing to feed on. Conventional treatment products introduce chemicals to the tank, which would not otherwise be found in a natural aquatic environment. They do not address the origin of the problem. They only temporarily eliminate the symptom of an underlying problem.

    Algone - What Is It And What Does It Do?

    Algone is based on a biological process, during which naturally present microorganisms contained in Algone use available nitrogen compounds as a source of nutrition. The result of this nutrient uptake is micro-bacterial protein enabling Algone to retain the nitrogenous waste while eliminating the re-release into the aquatic environment.

    Algone enhances the conditions of nitrifying bacteria, by creating a higher dissolved oxygen content (resulting from the conversion of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate to protein) and making a carbon source readily available as additional nutrition for nitrifying bacteria.

    Algone also has a inhibitory effect on hydrogen sulfite (a result of failing filtration and high nutrient levels) which is highly toxic to fish.

    Ammonia, nitrite and especially nitrate, are constantly being produced. Nitrifying bacteria need oxygen -which is in ample supply in the aquarium- to convert ammonia to nitrite and finally to nitrate. The conversion of nitrate (denitrification) requires an absence of oxygen. Aquariums usually do not provide enough oxygen free areas for the establishment of denitrifying bacteria. The flow of the nitrates to these areas is even less common. Water flow will further restrict these rare settlements due to the increased distribution of oxygen.

    Algone significantly lowers the frequency of water changes and the amount we change. However, it is not a substitute for water changes.

    Algone's Final Thoughts

    Using Algone will not only control nutrients, such as ammonia, nitrites and nitrates. It will also reduce hydrogen sulfite, reduce algae, and help provide a source of carbon for your plants. It will enhance your dissolved oxygen content and help create a better environment for nitrifying bacteria. Algone helps balance your aquatic environment to as close to nature has intended as possible.

    Algone is not a quick fix for the problems that may be apparent in the tank. These problems took a while to develop and get your attention. Nor is it a solution for everything like a silent bullet. Algone works as a biological process, reversing the symptoms, restoring a balanced environment.

    Use of Algone will result in an improvement of water chemistry and clarity as well as the liveliness of your fish. Best of all you will save money that won+t be spent on chemical based, temporary fixes.

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