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Aquaria Information Sites

Quality Koi Company, Inc. is a Japanese-style Koi fish farm located in Salem County, NJ, with the goal of producing top-grade Koi from carefully selected, high-grade imported Japanese stocks.

Catering to Goldfish Lovers, FishFlake.com provides information and resources.

- Marsh is a group of individuals in the greater Houston area interested in the husbandry of marine ornamentals and saltwater aquariums. Very nice message board and information.

www.Reef-Geeks.com Forum

www.reefcollege.com Forum



Fish Forum"An online community for fish and aquarium experts, enthusiasts, and hobbyists of all ages."
AquaHobby - one of the oldest, largest and most entertaining international aquarium sites on the net.
FINS This is an archive of information about aquariums. It covers both freshwater and marine, tropical and temperate.
Blane Perun's Thesea.org - is a site dedicated to preservation of Coral Reefs. This (Free) Membership site offers in-depth information on keeping corals in captivity, propagation Of stony and soft corals, DIY projects, digital world reef maps, species identification, an in-depth Photo gallery, and much more. Members enjoy expert advise from our forum mentors, downloads, are eligible for monthly give-aways and our grant program.
Bizarre Aquariums - Specialty aquarium and custom fish tank manufacturer www.bizarreaquariums.com
Wall Fish Tanks - Wall fish tanks and unique aquariums that go on or in wall www.walltanks.com
Online Pet, Dog, Cat, Fish, Aquarium and Pond Supplies. Seapets is one of the UK's leading online suppliers of Pet, Dog, Cat, Fish, Aquarium and Pond Supplies. www.seapets.co.uk/
Diving With Sharks www.divingwithsharks.com/
AC Tropical Fish & Aquarium - Cichlids - Betta Fish - www.aquaticcommunity.com
Tims Tropical Fish - http://www.timstropicals.com Information about freshwater and saltwater tropical fish, fish care, fish facts, discussion forum, compatibility and aquarium maintenance.
Island Life http://www.chucksaddiction.com/ Presented by Charles & Linda Raabe Mactan Island, The Philippines - has several articles on reefkeeping and lots of interesting information about the Islands.
Dr. Ron Shimek's REVIEW of salt mixes.
http://www.aquariumpetsuppliesonline.com/ - aquarium blog with several articles
Gwynnbrook Farm Discus Fish Hatchery: High quality, mail-order discus for sale in USA. http://www.discushatchery.com

Lake Restoration - Restoring the Beauty of Ponds and Lakes Description: Lake Restoration provides solutions for pond weed control, lake weed control, and geese management.

Kloubec Koi Farm - Over 33 years in the aquaculture industry and one of the larger Koi breeders in the USA.

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