Skim Clean 180mm / 7" collection cup size"
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Automated protein skimmer maintenance is finally here. Introducing the AquaDriver SkimClean – The modern accessory for automatic, hydro-mechanical cleaning of skimmer necks for all protein skimmers.

Every AquaDriver SkimClean features the following benefits:

- Low voltage/consumption DC motor poses no risk to the well-being of tank inhabitants or the operator.
- Easily installed without additional modification to your existing protein skimmer.
- Enjoy up to 75% increased skimmate production, a result of the skimmate channels being kept clear allowing for formation of a more stable head.
- No more caked on protein batter to scrape into the sink. The AquaDriver SkimClean, when used in conjunction with a drain, reduces maintenance and the need for routine emptying of the collection cup.
- All AquaDriver SkimClean components are hand-assembled in Germany from the highest quality materials using the latest CNC machining stations.

AquaDriver SkimClean’s come in a range of models to accommodate for the most popular skimmer sizes (6”, 7”, 8”, 10”, 12”, and 16”).

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