ReefKeeper Elite Plus System
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ReefKeeper Elite Basic ReefKeeper Elite Plus ReefKeeper Elite NET
1 x RKE Head Unit 1 x RKE Head Unit 1 x RKE Head Unit
1 x PC4 - Power Controller 4 2 x PC4 - Power Controller 4 2 x PC4 - Power Controller 4
1 x SID - System Interface Device 1 x SID - System Interface Device 1 x SID - System Interface Device
1 x 6' USB Cable 1 x 6' USB Cable 1 x 6' USB Cable
1 x 6' Bus Cable 1 x 6' Bus Cable 1 x 6' Bus Cable
4 x Mounting Screws 8 x Mounting Screws 10x Mounting Screws
  1 x SL1 - System Lab 1 1 x SL1 - System Lab 1
  1 x DA pH Probe (w/calibration packets) 1 x DA pH Probe (w/calibration packets)
  1 x DA Temperature Probe 1 x DA Temperature Probe
  2 x 3' Bus Cable 2 x 3' Bus Cable
  2 x 1' Bus Cable 2 x 1' Bus Cable
    1 x NET - NET Interface Module
    1 x 7' CAT5 Ethernet Cable

Redefining Function
The ReefKeeper Elite redefined function and integration for aquarium control systems. From the start, this controller has set the standard for all other controllers on the market in terms of style and design, as well as function. The ReefKeeper Elite, with its 11 button interface, powerful feature set and upgradeable firmware, shows why it's the leader in today's market. This system is backed by over 40 years of engineering experience and is rooted in the aquatics hobby with a strong focus on our customers. We not only design the ReefKeeper Elite control system, we use it too. All our personal tanks are powered by the same systems our customers use — if we won't run it, we won't sell it!

Advanced Integration
In terms of integration, the ReefKeeper Elite takes it to a new level. For example, with our new Storm mode (2.0+) and advanced pump control for Tunze pumps, you can integrate scheduled storms in your tank, night mode and tidal affects. You're also able to shut down pumps and circulation when doing maintenance or feedings all at the touch of a button. Likewise, combining lighting and temperature allows us to safely reduce the light levels of the tanks system if it gets too hot. This helps reduce the amount of heat energy into the tank when your cooling system is overpowered by hot days, or malfunction.

With over 12 modules either released or on the way, the ReefKeeper Elite can be configured in millions of possible arrangements. This makes the control system truly customizable allowing you to setup a control system that is as unique as your needs and wants. Whether you're looking to interface your ReefKeeper with a home-automation system, or simpley automate daily tasks, you're sure to find a variety of modules that will work for you.

The ReefKeeper Elite has more than enough power and ability to monitor and control pH, ORP, Salinity, ATO temperature; run wavemakers, lighting cycles, and more for one or multiple aquariums.

pH Control
With the ability to monitor multiple pH probes you can run a reactor as well as monitor the pH of your main system.

Temp Control
Control dual stage heating and cooling with heaters, chillers and fans with different set points. Everything you need to hold your temperature rock solid.

ORP Control
Whether you're dosing ozone or just want to keep an eye on ORP, the ReefKeeper has you covered.

Salinity Control
Use this probe to make sure your water changes are spot on. Consistent salt levels between mix water and system water is critical to the heath of your system.

Auto Top-off
Use the ReefKeeper Elite to automate this daily task. When paired with one or more float switches, you can set the system up to add RO water any amount as needed. This level of control helps reduce fluctuations in salt levels as well as temperature and other important parameters.

With four unique programmable settings, the ReefKeeper Elite's wavemaker setting can setup opposing pump cycles to simulate turbulent flow in your tank.

One of the highlights of the ReefKeeper Elite system is its ability to grow with your needs. With the ability to interface with over 60 modules the ReefKeeper Elite can take on any tank or tanks!

Ethernet Capable
With the optional NET module the ReefKeeper Elite is a powerful tool that can email or TXT message you when problems arise. You can also log in from anywhere in the world and check on your aquarium.

The ReefKeeper Elite has upgradeable firmware so your controller can grow with your system and as new features are released.

11 Button Interface
By expanding from the traditional 3 button interfaces of the past we have given the user a more intuitive experience. The ReefKeeper Elite menu system and programming options take full advantage of the new interface providing an all around superior experience.

128 x 64 Graphical display (w/RGB backlight and 30 background colors)
The ReefKeeper Elite utilizes a graphical display that allows us to show status icons, data graphs, and a variety of information in a way that has not been possible until now.

Multiple Mounting Options
The ReefKeeper Elite provides for multiple mounting options such as flush or surface mount. While other controllers are big and awkward to mount needing unstable Velcro or unsightly restraints the RKE will add a touch of class to your system.

Home Screen (w/easy to read icons and data)
The ReefKeeper Elite Home Screen provides you with quick information that is well laid out and easy to read. Icons provide you the current state of your system while you can quickly scroll through all the data for your tank with the touch of a button.
Keeping tabs on your tank has never been easier!

Simple menu system for easy configuration
We've worked hard to try and make the interface as simple and intuitive as possible for the ReefKeeper Elite. With the advantage of the expanded interface we're able to really produce a one of a kind experience.

Night Mode - Independently Programmable
Our Night Mode feature allows the ReefKeeper Elite to change depending on the time of day. In Night Mode the RK Elite can activate your Moon Light Controller, dim your display, transitioning your tank into a calm state.

63 Alarms
With 63 alarms and an audible, visual and email alert you'll know when any of your critical system parameters are out of range.

Data Logging
The ReefKeeper Elite has onboard data logging for up to 32 probes/device with over 1000 data points each.

Data Graphing
With our new graphical head unit comes the ability to really display historic data the right way. Our dynamic graphing will help you track the performance of your system over time allowing you to quickly see when and where things are happening.

Metal Halide control with "Sure-On"
Just like the RK1 and RK2 the ReefKeeper Elite system will make sure your Metal Halide bulbs come back on after a power interruption. Sure-On is a 15 minute delay that gives these expensive and sensitive bulbs time to cool which insures safe, continuing usage over time.

Light Timer with Weekday/Weekend schedules and safety temp cut off
New to the light timer is the ability to set different lighting modes for weekdays and weekends. This gives you the option of setting a lighting cycle that caters to your viewing schedule as it changes throughout the week. You still have our safety cut off temp that will shut your lights down if your tank gets above some set point.

Lunar Simulation
With the optional MLC module the ReefKeeper Elite system can simulate a true lunar cycle.

Multi-timer function
You can stack up to four unique timers to create any on/off cycles you would like. This is great for dosing and other scheduled tasks that don't happen on a regular interval or for creating your own special cycle based on your needs.

63 Dedicated Timers
There are 63 advanced timers you can program with day of week and with the Multi-timer you can mix and match them in any fashion you'd like to get even more complex functions.

4 Standby/Feed/Service modes
The ReefKeeper Elite has 4 user settable standby functions. This gives you the flexibility to configure multiple service modes for activities like feeding, water changes, and other maintenance.

Control Functions
The "Controller" function can take any probe input and act on it with a user settable hysteresis. This includes pH, ORP, temperature and micro switches just for starters. You can also take action based on current draw or load on any PC4 and you'll be able use any future probes that are added to the system!

Sumps/Skimmers pump control
You can program the sump pump and skimmer pump functions to be off in standby and even have a standby delay just to make sure your system doesn't overflow or over skim food after a feeding.

Wavemaker A/B and C/D pump control
There are 4 wavemaker cycles in the ReefKeeper Elite, cycles A/B and C/D. When a channel is designated as a pump you can select a wavemaker cycle. Each cycle pair alternate opposite each other to simulate wave motion. Under the wavemaker setup you can set how long you want each cycle time to be. During night mode the cycle can be turned off to give a calming affect.

Top-off pump control
Use this setting to control a pump based on a micro switch for top-off and many other features.

Key Lock
Lock out unwanted and accidental usage of your ReefKeeper Elite. With a simple lock, you can make sure the kids, your friends or anyone else doesn't mess with your controller.

Battery Backup
The battery in the ReefKeeper Elite is user serviceable. If it ever goes dead it can be replaced without the need for service.

Audible Feedback
The ReefKeeper Elite has audible feedback. You can turn this feature on or off depending on your preference.

Splash-proof Faceplate
Wet fingers aren't a problem with our full covering face plate.

Upgradeable Firmware
The ReefKeeper Elite has upgradeable firmware. This will help you maintain your investment over time and allow you it grow as we release more and more expandability!

Tech Specs
Max Expansion: 63 Modules
Display: 128x64 Graphical w/RGB backlight
Backlight Colors: 30
Ethernet: Yes (Requires optional NET module)
Interface: 11 Button
Audible Feedback: Yes
Battery Backup: Yes
Data Logging: Yes
Data Graphing: Yes
Key Lock: Yes
Wavemaker: 4 (A/B, C/D)
Sure-on Feature: Yes
EasyFlow Menu System: N/A
ReadyFit Functions: No
One Bus Port

Physical Details
Head unit Dimensions: 3.45" x 4.45" x 0.80"
Mounting Options: Two Side Tabs, Two Eyelets (on the back)


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