Reef Sump 24 x 12 x 16 75-100g tank
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Our Reef Sumps are specifically designed for reef tanks. The easy installation makes it the simplest sump to start with. The New generation features a spill-over design in the micron bag compartment for a quiet operation.

•Micron Bag
•1” Bulkhead
•3 Ft. hose


Model Dimensions Skimmer
Tank Usage
RS-75 18"x10"x16" 10"x10" 10-75g/Single
RS-100 24"x12"x16" 12"x11" 75-125g/Single
RS-200 30"x12"x16" 18"x11" 125-225g/Dual
RS-300 36"x14"x16" 25"x13" 225-300g/Dual


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