Reef Brite Digitally Controlled MH Ballast 150/175W
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This energy efficient solid state metal halide ballast will provide years of maintenance free operation and performance. Energy saving design costs less to operate than other metal halide ballast. The built in microprocessor constantly monitors the ballast operation as well as the rest of the components in your lighting system to keep them operating at the peak performance. LED indicators allow convenient monitoring of your entire lighting system notifying users of any faults This self diagnostic ballast system can even notify users when the bulb should be replaced This ballast system can help extend the life of your bulb of constantly monitoring and adjusting the strike voltage and power required by the lamp to keep it operating at peak performance during use. Lighted power switch indicates when the ballast is on and receiving power eliminating guess work caused by faulty timers or light controllers. A perfect choice for our Reef Brite metal halide pendant and TwinArc tube metal halide bulbs Conveniently located replaceable power fuse helps protect the ballast from power surges. Water tight construction provides reliable performance under the most demanding conditions. (While this ballast is water tight to protect it from moisture and corrosion it should never be submerged or mounted in a location where it will come in direct contact with water). Due to its energy efficiency this ballast operates a lot cooler and gives off significantly less heat than other metal halide ballasts. Because of its unique design this ballast can be mounted vertically, horizontally and even upside down helping to save space by mounting it out of the way of other components Light weight compact design uses less space than other metal halide ballasts. Built in mounting brackets All aluminum construction resists corrosion and keeps the ballast looking like new even after years of operation Available in 240 volt by SPECIAL ORDER. Standard model is 110v 60mhz All Reef Brite products are perfectly matched to be used in conjunction with each other. For discrimination professionals who demand the best upgrade your lighting system today with our Reef Brite line of products.MODEL 175/150 WATT 250 WATT 400 WATT INPUT VOLTAGE 100-150 VAC 100-150 VAC 100-150 VAC INPUT CURRENT 1.55A/1.5A 2.20A/2.02A 3.55A/3.26A INPUT POWER 185 WATTS 262 WATTS 412 WATTS POWER FACTOR >0.98 >0.98 >0.98
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