Red Sea AquaZone DELUXE 200 Mg
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Due to its oxidizing capabilities, ozone kills bacteria and other harmful pathogens and breaks down ammonia and organic waste materials, raising the ORP to desirable levels.- One of the most visible results of ozone as part of aquarium filtration is the change in water color from an unappealing yellow cast to a healthy looking clear natural color.

The Aquazone range of ozonizers is based on a state-of-the art ozone generator, which utilizes high frequency switching technology specially designed for home aquariums.

Ozone Generator with built-in Redox Controller
The complete solution for the effective and safe ozonization of aquariums. Includes all of the features of the AquaZone variable output ozonizers with the following added features:
Automatically controls the flow of ozone according to a pre -set ORPEasy to read backlit digital displayEasy adjustment of ozone output and desired ORPContinuous display of current ORPSafe and easy to use.Includes Pinpoint brand ORP probeIncludes 250cc Air Drier Tech NotesOzone is a natural purifying agent made up of an unstable form of oxygen and is a very strong oxidizer. The ORP (Oxidation, Reduction Potential or Redox) is a measure of the oxidization capacity of water. A low ORP indicates a high (and undesirable) level of organic matter in the water. Excessive ozone will affect the delicate chemical composition of seawater. Therefore, it is preferable if the ORP is monitored and used to determine when ozone should be applied.
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