PURA Media Bags 300-micron
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300-micron 6" x 12" Self-Fastening

PURA Media Bags are the safest and quickest way of implementing bulk media filtration in all fresh and salt-water aquarium applications. 300-micron mesh size ensures the ultimate media control. Self-fastening closure provides safe usage and easy servicing. 6" x 12" size makes the bags flexible to fit many applications.

Quality - Safety - Convenience

300-micron 6" x 12" media bags with self-fastening closure. 3-Pack.

300-micron inert polyester mesh.

To be used in fresh and saltwater aquarium filtration applications for confining bulk medias. Ideal for phosphate removing media, ion exchange resins, carbon, zeo-sorbents, peat and bio-medias.

300-micron mesh keeps media in preventing fines from washing out of the bag. Self-fastening closure is far superior to drawstrings and provides an additional leakproof safety factor. The bags are washable, reusable and completely safe for both fresh and saltwater aquariums. 6" x 12" bag size provides extra versatility, neatly folds over and will fit many of your specific applications.

PURA Media Bags stand out due to high quality and value.


How do I use PŪRA Media Bags
Easy to use, just fill the bag with your media of choice and pinch self-fastener to close.


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