Premium Ultra Fiji UN-Cured Live Rock (Sold Per LB)
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NOTE: Rock is sold per LB (not per piece). If you have any special requests for your rock, feel free to contact us. We will do our best to fulfill what you're looking for (although we cannot guarantee it all to be exactly what you're wanting).

Premium Ultra Fiji Liverock
Premium Ultra Fiji liverock is an indo-pacific rock, collected from the Fiji Islands. It makes an great lower cost reef building rock, or to build your base structure and top off with more exotic live rock. The pieces are usually nicely shaped, not branchy, so they make solid foundations.

What makes our Premium Fiji Ultra Liverock so special?
Fiji rock unfortunately has been quite abused over the years. Livestock supplies and retailers buying this quality rock and just letting it sit in the original fiji box, sometimes for months. What made this even worse was they quit air-freighting the rock in and started shipping it to the USA via cargo boat. This means 2-3 weeks on the water before it even hit the USA, then it sat in a box waiting to be sold. This is NOT LIVE ROCK. We are 1 of only 2 companies in the entire USA that import Fiji rock via Air-Freight from the Island. The other company is a wholesaler, making us the only online retailer that buys Fiji this way. As you can image, it's quite expensive to ship 4000 pounds of rock via Air-Freight, but that is how we fly in all of the other rocks we sell, so why let Fiji get abused. We also never let our rock sit in a box. It goes from the airport to our rock pools, we un box every single piece and they go in 600g pools, with lots of water circulation, lots of light and good quality saltwater. So when buying Fiji Ultra Premium Live Rock from us, you can be assured it's the best quality that Fiji Islands has to offer.

Net Weight vs Gross Weight
Not all rock is sold the same, most companies selling box lot rock, not only do not keep it in the water, but they sell it gross weight. It's how we have to buy it from the Islands, but it's not how you should have to buy your rock retail. We sell all of our live rock NET weight. This means when you order 20 pounds of rock, our livestock staff pull 20lbs of rock from our rock pools, then they pack it up, so you are not paying for packing, foam and box weight. You can expect some water drying to effect the weight some, but it's usually not a noticeable amount.

Uncured Hand Picked
It is basically the same rock as our cured fiji, the difference is uncured still has dying plants and animals on it, it will slowly decay in the tank during the curing stage. On average this process will take 2-3 weeks. The tank might become cloudy, quite smelly and some rocks might get white decay on them which you need to blow off. The curing time varies greatly with the amount of skimming and water movement. You will save money curing your own rock, but be sure to calculate at least one large 50-75% water change after the curing process and your time into the equation.


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