Premium Reef RO/DI 100GPD Unit w/garden fitting
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Premium Reef Supply units are assembled right here in Indiana. We are able to watch quality control over them very closely. We have been in search of a lower priced RO/DI unit for quite some time but also still wanted to keep quality high. For the price, it's hard to beat the quality of construction and higher grade parts with these units. We feel Premium Reef is the best "no frills" less dollar bills RO/DI you can find and still keep that quality of materials. The RO membrane housing and canisters are industry standard, so changing the membrane or filters is a snap. We can even have one built with SpectraPure or Kent membranes for additional cost.

- Clear O'ring Pre-filter Canisters for extra water protection
- John Guest Speed Fittings through out unit for easy tubing changes.
- Standard 2.5" x 10" 1 Micron Sediment Filter
- Standard 2.5" x 10" 5 Micron Carbon Filter
- Premium 2.5" x 10" Nuclear Color Change DI Resin Cartridge (refillable)
- Filmtec TFC Membrane provides proven high performance for consistent reliable water purification
- 5 Feet of feed, good, waste water line tubing 1/4" John Guest brand.
- Garden Hose Fitting w/speed fit

Your new Premium Reef Supply system comes completely installed. The diagraph above is a view from the front of the unit.

1st Stage. It's a 1 micron sediment filter. It's industry standard 2.5 x 10" size. You can use .5, 1, 5, 10 or 20 micron in the future if you prefer. We recommend you change your micron filter every 4-6 months.

2nd Stage. It's a 5 micron carbon block filter. It's industry standard 2.5 x 10" size. You can use .5, 5 or 10 micron carbon block, or granulated. We recommend you change your carbon block filter every 6 months.

3rd Stage. This is your RO Membrane. Inside is an industry standard Dow Tec TFC Membrane. Under normal circumstances it should last 2-5 years depending on water quality and use. You can use other brand membranes in the future and other GPD rates as well. If you change from 50gpd, you just change the flow restrictor located on the yellow line connection.

4th Stage. This is the 3rd canister, but the 4th stage in the unit. It has a Color Change DI cartridge installed. We use Nuclear Grade Color Change DI Resin. This has a blend of DI resin to remove organics. When it's completely exhausted it will change color. So when all resin has changed color it's time to change. On average, you will get around 250-300gallons of product water before needing replaced.

Color Coded lines. You have 3 colors of water lines. Black is your input feed line. You connect your black feed line to a water source. Example would be a laundry sink hookup, or taping into your water line in your house. The white line is called your waste water or rejection line. Any water that does not pass purified through the membrane gets rejected down the yellow line. You just run this line down a drain. The BLUE line is your product water or good water line. This is purified RO water. You run this into a storage tank, bucket, etc whatever you prefer. If you want to setup a top off system, with a float you'll need a top off kit and that includes a solenoid to install on your RO to shut off the waste line.

Starting up your unit first time, we recommend running around 5 gallons of product water and discarding. This will ensure the membrane was flushed out of any possible dust or contaminants from the factory. Then you are ready to go.

We recommend feeding your water off either a cold line, or warm water up to 77 degrees will yield the best results, but be sure not to go over 77 degrees or you can damage your membrane. We recommend a minimum of 40psi water pressure, which most households should have. If you are low on pressure, you can add a booster pump to increase pressure.

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