POWERCHROME Actinic Plus + 22k 24watt T5
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VHO Lamp Shipping rates apply to T5 lamps Giesemann T5 High Output lamps from Germany incorporate the most advanced fluorescent technology available. These lamps are exclusively distributed by Sunlight Supply, and we are proud to introduce them to the US market! Ballasts available for these systems include Programmed Start electronic ballasts, and Coralvue Electronic Ballasts.

POWERCHROME T-5 actinic+

Since most aquarium inhabitants live in seawater depths where the light is very blue, it is needed to simulate this natural living conditions in the aquarium. The POWERCHROME ACTINIC+ has therefore been developed to enhance the blue proportion in marine aquariums. ACTINIC+ emits almost exclusively blue light of wavelengths from 400 - 510 nm, with a maximum at 420 nm. These wavelengths enhance the growth of many coral species in the aquarium, thus ensuring optimum lighting conditions.

ACTINIC+ reinforces the natural fluorescence of corals and brings them excellent to bear - especially in the twilight phase when being used alone. The optimal use of ACTINIC+ is the combined with either the POWERCHROME pureactinic or aqua blue+ or combined with our MEGACHROME HQI bulbs. POWERCHROME ACTINIC+ should never been missed for the lighting of coral reefs in any aquarium.

Many scientific research institutes and public aquariums rely on GIESEMANN POWERCHROME T-5 lamps. This is an impressive proof of the outstanding quality of POWERCHROME T-5 lamps.

POWERCHROME actinic+ are available at all power levels 8, 24, 39, 54 and 80 watts.

Increases the fluorescence effect of coral and shells
very long color stability through quality phosphors
pure actinic light spectrum
promote coral growth
Beautiful light in the twilight phase
amazing effects of all sea creatures

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