Overflow Box 10L x 3W x 10H up to 300g tank
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Item #: ES-PF-1200
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Weight: 10LBS
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Model Number Dimension
Tank usage Output(s)
PF-Nano 4x2.5x8" 10-20 Gallon Single
PF-300 6x3x10" 30-75 Gallon Single
PF-800 8x3x10" 75-125 Gallon Single
PF-1000 9x3x10" 125-150 Gallon Dual
PF-1200 10x3x10" 150-200 Gallon Dual

• U-tube
• Cylinder Foams
• Nylon Screw & Wing Nut
• Pre-filter Box
• Bulkheads

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