Orphek Atlantik V2 LED Wifi Fixture
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A revolutionary fixture that will change your reef forever.

After a year of research and development Orphek is launching its newest fixture setting a new benchmark in LED lighting systems. The introduction of the Atlantik V2.1 Wireless brings an upgrade in Orphek’s Atlantik operational system allowing customers to control the light by an Android tablet or Android Smartphone providing the version is 4.3 or newer.

The people have spoken and Orphek listened! We have redesigned the Atlantik LED lighting fixture to meet the needs of personal preference and tank inhabitance to ensure a happy balance to keep your reef thriving, improving visual stimulation and your satisfaction. Orphek makes the most efficient lights on the market today and unlike many other companies, Orphek employs dual-chip technology to increase lumens and PAR per watt as well as the production of chlorophyll A and B for coral growth and sustainability. Leading today’s market with the most effective and researched lighting fixture, Orphek is the first LED lighting company that provides the highest quality and quantity of * Wide spectrum White UV/violet LED’s to ensure the longevity and beauty of tank inhabitants. Even though UV LED’s have a tendency of being more expensive, we take no shortcuts in providing a flawless spectrum; after all, you get what you pay for.

The new Atlantik v2.1 was created with the needs and desires of our customers in mind, taking the styles of the previous v1 and v2 and combining them to make a masterpiece. Taking lighting to the next level with this powerful yet effective and very stylish fixture, its visual appeal is unlike any other both inside, and outside of the aquarium.

Highest PAR and PAR per Watt

The newly designed Orphek Atlantik v2.1 is truly one of a kind and stands out from the rest with a Highest PAR and PAR per Watt, it is certainly in a league of its own.
** Credit For PAR TEST to Mr. Henning Wiese - all right reserved.

New Features!

• 78 customized high efficiency power LEDs
• Wi-Fi/ WLAN/ Wireless technologies
• Android technology
• Built-in battery backup memory
• High efficiency Mean Well drivers
• Eight pre-installed programs & four channels
• Full dimming capacity in all channels
• Large storage with capacity for additional programs
• Ability to program multiple Atlantiks simultaneously
• Dawn to dusk & cloud simulators
• Highest PAR/PUR
• Ideal Spectrum for coral growth, color & health
• 8 Different types of LEDs
• New blue/cyan for more fluorescence coral color
• 19 exclusive Dual-Chip UV/violet/white LEDs with increased intensity of Lm/w

New Operational System features!
• Quick setting
• Simultaneous wireless controlling and programming of up to 252 units in one tablet
• Each unit is assigned its own digital address
• Tanks can be distributed in different locations in the range of the wireless router
• Eight pre-installed programs
• Built-in calendar allowing storage of up to eight programs per month

You don’t have an Android tablet?
You can add to your unit(s) purchase a 7″ tablet that is 100% compatible with Orphek application for a very attractive price!

You already have an Android tablet or phone?
If you do have your own Android technology please kindly download the app and the manual in this page (go to downloads) and test it in your Android Tablet or Smartphone before purchasing your unit to be sure that it is 100% compatible.

If using two or more Atlantik V2.1 Pendants, a Wi-FI router will be required to connect multiple units.

Light Unit Body Material: White acrylic housing and silver stainless steel grill

Light Unit Weight: 16.7 lbs (7.6kg)
Power box Weight: 2.2 lbs (1.02 kg)

Power extension cord with waterproof connector from Light Unit to Power Box: total 112″ (2.85m)
Power Cord: 59″ (1.5 m)

Hanging Kit
2 steel cables: 9.84” (250 mm)
1 steel cable: 70.86” (1.8 m)

Mean Well Driver Model: NES-350-48
Input voltage: 90~132 VAC / 180~264 VAC (Selectable by switch)
Frequency: 47~63 Hz
Power consumption: 180 – 186 watt
Electrical outlet: Region appropriate

Length: 24.21” (615mm)
Width: 9.37” (238mm)
Height: 2.11” (53.6mm)

Orphek Atlantik v2.1 LED layout
With 4 channels in this customizable work-of-art, the v2.1 utilizes 78 LED’s ,19 dual-chip Wide spectrum White UV/violet LED’s , Total of 97 Chip! to create a revolutionary fixture that will change your reef forever.

Channel 1 provides its users with (20) 18,000K LED’s and (4) cyan 470nm LED’s

Channel 2 gives the user (7) cyan 470nm LED’s and (21) 450-460nm LED’s for ultimate customization.

Channels 3 and 4 took on an entirely new look applying dual-chip technology Wide spectrum White UV/violet make a white LED with a peak at 395nm, 410nm, 420nm and at 430nm to supply corals directly with chlorophyll A and B, enhancing health and coloration.

The 3rd channel consists of (4) 410nm-18,000k, (4) 420nm-6,000k and (4) 395nm-6,000k) LED’s for a full spectrum of perfection.

Channel 4 applies a mix of the dual-chip UV/white with dual-chip white/red which consists of (7) white/red LED’s and (4) 420nm-6,000k LED’s.

Adding red brings out the natural tones of corals as well as providing coral with the much needed chlorophyll A and B but not so much to inhibit the growth of certain algae’s and cyano.

We strive for excellence and we go above and beyond to understand the needs of Mother Nature’s wonders and the sustainability of her inhabitants, ultimately, respect for nature is how we duplicate her.

* (Wide spectrum White UV/violet increased the intensity of Lm/W by up to 15 times more than any common UV/violet LED. )

How To Set Programs:

How to connect to a Wi-Fi Router:

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