Omega One Veggie Flakes 1 OZ
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A Revolutionary Concept
Only fresh seafoods are used in our formula - it's just that simple! FOr the past 30 years or so, all other fish food manufactures have relied on fish meal as the main ingredient in there foods. Check the ingredients labels! The problem with fish meal is that it has already been processed and nutritionally compromised before it even starts to be made into a fish food. It is then processed again! Fish foods made with fish meal will keep fish alive but it takes fresh marine proteins and fats for them to thrive. So let your fish enjoy life a little, feed fresh with Omega One!

A Complete Diet . . .
An Irresistible Taste...

Fresh Natural Fats For Strong Appetite Stimulation Rich in Omega 3 & 6 Hufa's For Healthy Immune Systems and Long Life Natural Pigments in Salmon Skins For Vibrant Colors Revolutionary Protein Binding System Means Less Starch / More Protein Made With an Abundance and Variety of Fresh Cold Water Marine Proteins for Strong GrowthSpirulina/Veggie Flake Great for freshwater and marine fish. Made with Fresh Kelp & Spirulina
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