Neptune AWM - AI Wireless Module
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<p>AI Vega and AI Hydra Wireless Control</p>
<p>For years the Apex has given owners of the AI Sol lights a great way to control their tank lighting. Over the last year we have seen more and more people buying up the AI Vega and AI Hydra lights that use a wireless control interface. Our user base has been screaming for a way to control these lights. And with the news that AI just announced the Hydra 52 at MACNA, let’s just say the time has come!  Soon, with the Neptune Systems AquaIlluminations (AI) Wireless Module (AWM) you will be able to control all the lighting color channels on your AI Vega, Hydra or Hydra 52 lights. Here are some of the highlights:</p>
<p> Enables control of the AI Vega, Hydra, and Hydra 52 (but not AI Sols with wireless dongle)<br>
  Connects via Apex AquaBus<br>
  Includes 3&#8242; AquaBus Cable<br>

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